Orchid Care

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Contrary to popular belief, orchids are easy to grow, and care for. They are highly adaptable, and are found in almost every climate on Earth.

This guide offers a basic overview on caring for your orchids. For more detailed instruction, contact our friendly staff to find out about our classes and workshops.


When your orchid is in bloom, light is not an issue. You can enjoy it on the coffee table or anywhere with indirect light.

room temperature


Your orchid will like normal house temperatures.
between 55 & 75 degrees.

Water orchids every 5-7 days


Your orchid will need watering every 5–7 days.

The best way to water is to take the orchid out of its decorative container, and run tepid water over the top of the plastic container. Make sure that the roots are wet. Let it drain, and place it back into its container.

If you have multiple orchids in one container, you can trickle water over the bark of each plant (about 1/4 cup per plant.) Be sure to check the saucer for any sitting water.

  • Do not use ice cubes to water!
Out of bloom orchid care

Out of Bloom Care

Cut off the bloom stem when it turns brown (or 1/3 of the length if it is a phalaenopsis.)

It will need to go onto a windowsill - east light is best.

Start fertilizing, once a month, with orchid food. Your orchid will also need to be repotted. We sell bark mixes or can repot your orchid for you for $7.50.

trade in your out of bloom orchids

Island Orchid Trade-in Program

If you do not want to try re-blooming, we offer a 20% discount on the purchase of your next blooming orchid!